Coming Out of my Writing Cave

My latest book project has kept me hunkered down in a cave (my office) with no contact to the outside world (with the exception of Facebook and my cell phone). However, I’m breaking free this week by taking a little road trip South. My destination— the Naples, Florida area.

This trip has been on my calendar for quite some time; one book club event and three bookstore stops.  Here’s a little secret of mine. I sometimes get names for my characters from book signings.

And, here’s a confession. If you’ve been to more than one book signing, I likely remember your face, but I’m not always as good at remembering names. Surely, there are many who are just like me! Why is it that when we can’t recall someone’s name during a conversation, we silently agonize and hope the name will miraculously come to our memory, instead of just politely admitting our predicament to the mystery person? I shall quietly bless anyone who kindly restates their name when we’re meeting for a second time.

People often ask me if book signing events are tiring. Honestly, I feel exhilarated at the end of a book signing! By necessity, I spend days alone so I can shut out the noise and enter my story world. Authors spend a lot of time in their heads. So when I hear personal stories from a reader telling me how they were influenced by my story or inspired, I feel re-energized. I leave the signing soaring. Especially with Time is a River, dozens of women breast cancer survivors shared their experiences with me. I was honored and moved and so grateful that they found the book helpful.

I wonder who I’ll meet and what I’ll learn this week?

Go to my website to see where I’ll be making appearances in Florida.


  1. Since I have too young boys and my brain is pretty much mush, I have just started blurting it out: "I'm so sorry. Please tell me your name again." I'm inspired by your time in the cave. Safe travels to Florida.

  2. Hoping that one day you will be able to visit us here in southern Indiana. I would love to have a signed copy of Time is a River!! When God made you he made Inspiration for all.. Thank You for that Mary Alice!!


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