It’s a rare sight in nature and anyone who catches a glimpse of one in the swamp might wonder if they just saw a ghost. An albino alligator. This light-sensitive creature is the latest addition to the Blackwater Swamp exhibit at the South Carolina Aquarium in downtown Charleston.
This is a rare and wonderful opportunity for all of us to learn more about the world of albinism, which occurs naturally in American alligators once in every 100,000 hatchlings.

As a longtime, devoted aquarium board member, I encourage everyone to attend the Albino Alligator Grand Opening on March 20th. If you can’t make it that day, I hope you’ll plan a trip or two this summer to learn more about this elusive reptile, along with the snakes, owls and fish in the expanded Coastal Plain gallery. And that’s only one section of the aquarium.

The American alligator has an amazing story of survival, and the facts about the albino alligator are even more interesting. I know where I’ll be taking my grandchildren when they come visit me this summer. Seeing the wonder in a child’s eye as they learn and interact with the world around them is a priceless moment.

Want to learn more about the albino alligator?  Click here.

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