The Butterfly Project

My Butterfly Blog is beginning today to parallel the migrating season of the Monarch butterflies. Follow me each Tuesday as I update you on the progress of a monarch butterfly from egg to butterfly!

Today I’m showing you my first egg of the season. I’m calling it “Mariposa” which is the Spanish name for butterfly. It is also the name of the character in my upcoming novel who loves monarchs. I found the egg several days ago.

This amazing photo (thanks Barb Bergwerf!) shows the young, eyelash sized Mariposa and another egg due to hatch soon.

Welcome to the world, Mariposa!

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  1. Love this project! How did you get the eggs and learn about care and tagging? That would be such a cool thing to do. My sister and I found a broken winged Monarch butterfly when growing up. We kept her alive for about a year in our bedroom. Used sugar water as I recall. Unfortunately, she fell behind the dresser one day while at school and we lost her. It was sad but a very cool experience. How does the baby boy like watching this happen?


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