End of Caterpillar Stage!

The recent hot days here in SC have spurred the caterpillars to fast growth. This is normal and I’ve been amazed.

Today two caterpillars left the milkweed leaves and began travelling up to the screen top.  When caterpillars are ready to pupate or go into the chrysalis stage, they will crawl to the top of their cage and form a silken knot. They hang from their feet like an aerialist without a net. Then they form a “J” and begin twisting until they shed off their last skin. This is the end of their time as a caterpillar!

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  1. Hi Mary Alice,

    I can hardly wait for this next novel. I thank you for sharing your gift with the world. There is nothing better in life than a good story, the written word and those who have the gift the weave them into a story that spirits us away and teaches us.

    Many Thanks, Kathy Poncy in Bend, Oregon


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