5 Weeks, 29 Stops

In less than a week, I’ll hit the road for THE BUTTERFLY’S DAUGHTER book tour. It will be a five-week adventure filled with 29 stops in both the big cities and charming towns from Chicago to Ocean Isle, Austin to Hartsville, and Kansas City to Amelia Island. I will feel much like a migrating monarch when the tour is over!

I look forward to meeting new readers, re-connecting with others from book tours past, and sharing in conversations with guests during book tour events. I cherish all of the stories shared and friendships made. I may not remember everyone’s name, or immediately recall each face. But I treasure the experience to interact with readers.

And this time, I’ll have something extra special to give readers in an effort to help save the monarch butterfly. My mission is to hand out 10,000 milkweed seeds during book tour. If everyone plants their seeds, the small effort will make a big difference in helping sustain the monarch population. Milkweed is the only plant on which a monarch will lay her eggs. And the monarch is the only bug species that migrates thousands of miles each year across the United States, like that of a whale or a bird.

Will you join me in helping save the monarch butterfly?

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