28: The number of days until the release of my new novel, THE BUTTERFLY’S DAUGHTER

In stores May 3
27: The number of cities and towns I’ll be visiting during book tour

17: The number of times I’ll be sleeping in a hotel bed

10,000: The number of milkweed seeds I plan to hand out as my personal mission to save the monarch butterfly.
Yes, that is 10,000 seeds! Will you join me in this effort? I’ll be giving out seed packets, that I’ve pieced together myself while watching episodes of American Idol, to every reader I meet during book tour. To get yours, take a look at the list of appearances on my website, find the location that’s closest to you, and then come out to buy a copy of THE BUTTERFLY’S DAUGHTER and say hello.
Milkweed is the only plant on which monarch butterflies lay their eggs, but the supply has been severely impacted by development. Everyone has the power to help save this beautiful winged creature right from your own backyard. Plant milkweed and save monarchs!

I can’t wait to meet my readers and hear your stories during book tour. See you soon!


  1. Mary Alice, I am the local book blogger, at Carolina Book Stacks. I wanted to let you know I received the ARC, Butterfly's Daughter. I just started the book today. I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is reading your novel. Since I just finished another book, was not terrific. What a breath of fresh air reading your book. I love the mysticm and the symbolism in your novel. Your novel just takes me away, I could feel the warmth and love and the closeness of Abuela, and Luz. I am loving it. This is my first book I have read by you. I am enchanted.

  2. Sending you the very best of wishes on the book tour! Wishing I could attend one. I have all of your books and share them with my sisters. Now we are wanting to plan a sister reunion in the low-country...maybe someday!!
    On the waiting list for THE BUTTERFLY’S DAUGHTER, for my NookColor!!


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