This Ain't the Lowcountry

Book tour is going wonderfully well.  I'm in Florida right now and then move on to events in South Carolina, North Carolina, Illinois and Kansas for the next several days.

Today, I thought I'd answer a question on the minds of readers who know me best for my books that are set in coastal South Carolina. 
Q:  Many of your novels have been based on Southern landscape and culture. What compelled you to take a break from the norm and write about the Mexican culture and the Midwest?

A:  I didn’t take a break. Rather, when I set the stage for a novel I have to determine how to best bring my readers to the story world. For The Butterfly’s Daughter, I wanted to mirror the monarch butterfly’s migration—it had to be a road trip! So I began in the north, Milwaukee, and the girls traveled the same direct route a monarch would--across the Midwest, through Texas (a fine southern state!) all the way to Mexico. So in fact, I went farther south than in any previous book.
If you have questions you want me to answer about the novel post them in the comment box and I'll answer them as soon as I can.

By the way, I'll be heading Texas later this month for signing events in Dallas and Austin.  See the complete book tour schedule at http://www.maryalicemonroe.com/.

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