Home, Thankful and Writing Again

I’m home now with toes in the sand beginning my next book.  In this quiet time, I’m also reflecting on the beautiful and creative people I met on this long adventurous tour.

First, I thank all the booksellers for graciously welcoming me to their stores, celebrating my birthday with a party and genuinely supporting my work.

Thank you to the readers who came to hear me speak at breakfasts, luncheons, teas or just at the front of the store. In my presentation, I spoke of how amazed I was during the writing of The Butterfly’s Daughter that so many people came to tell me their own butterfly experiences.

The Mexican culture believes that the souls of the dearly departed return home every fall on the wings of a monarch butterfly. This is the Day of the Dead celebration, a time of somber yet joyous welcoming home of the beloved. So when my readers shared with me how a butterfly came to them after the death of a loved one—at the funeral, in a park, etc.—I was deeply moved.  Joseph Campbell said that all great myths are rooted in truth. I believe this is so.  Thank you to all who shared with me these beautiful heartfelt stories.

I also want to thank everyone who requested milkweed seeds or emailed me photos of their milkweed in the garden. You are making a difference. The response to my free milkweed seeds effort was overwhelming and proves what I’ve always said—my readers care! On my website you’ll find links to organizations that will help you raise milkweed and caterpillars.

I’ve parked the car in the garage, unpacked the suitcase, made myself a cup of coffee and I’m back at my desk. Interestingly, I’m not exhausted. Meeting all of you, traveling to your cities and towns—connecting-- has energized me. The characters of Lovie and Cara and Russell are now calling to me. They are coming alive in my mind and I’m eager to share this powerful story with you. Please keep your letters and comments coming. I read each one. My love to you all!


  1. Thank you a million times over for bringing us your words and the pictures they paint, the people they bring us and everything you teach us. Mary Alice you are just the BEST.

    Can't wait for the next one.

    Kathy in Bend Oregon

  2. I had stopped reading fiction, for the most part, many years ago until I discovered your amazing books right before our first trip to the Low Country last winter. As a life long conservationist, I just love the way that you intertwine the natural & human worlds. The only problem is that when I start one of your books, I don't want to stop reading & everything else gets put aside. Look forward to reading this & also the Prequel when it comes out. Thank you for your inspiring, meaningful stories.


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