Summer's Here, Win a Beach Vacation

Summer’s here on the Isle of Palms!  As a longtime resident, we’ve learned the ebb and flow of daily beachgoer traffic during the summer season.  Every weekend my husband and I map out our daily commutes to and from home based on beach-goer traffic patterns.  We can't leave the island between 3-5 pm!

But I’m not having to worry about that right now because today—June 25th-- is the official release of THE SUMMER GIRLS, and I'M ON THE ROAD!  It is my summertime ritual.   During the time of year when millions of American families head to a beach for vacation, I hit the road for book tour.  My husband stocks the freezer with pizza, my dog walker is on call, plenty of water and bookmarks in the trunk of my car, and my sister, Ruth, is Thelma to my Louise. 

Today’s book release is the official launch of The Lowcountry Summer Trilogy.  I'm at Moss Creek in Hilton Head and we're having a signature cocktail --a Dolphin Sunrise-- to celebrate the launch. So today I raise a toast to all my readers--Thank you!

THE SUMMER GIRLS is located on Sullivan's Island, SC and I have fun taking you to some of my favorite haunts.  In this novel, you’ll read about Dunleavy’s Pub, Home Team BBQ (read page 275 for details on the hushpuppies!), and Sandpiper Gallery.  They are definite must-visit locations.  For anything and everything coffee, wine, sweets and more, Café Medley is sure to please, in my opinion. 

A visit to Fort Moultrie is an adventure the entire family can enjoy.  History lovers will appreciate the island’s historic district, an eclectic mix of mostly family homes today that originally served as vital military resources, some dating back to the late 1800’s.  And make sure to drive by the island’s black and white lighthouse.  It has a unique triangular shape and is still active today. 

Next door to Sullivan’s Island, just on the other side of Breach Inlet, is my island home, the Isle of Palms.  Because of their geographical proximity, characters in THE SUMMER GIRLS spend some time on the I.O.P (as the locals often call it).  If you’re planning a trip to the island, one of the treasures here is Wild Dunes, a world-class golf resort at the northern end of the island.  The land is rich in history and is vital to the life cycle of the threatened loggerhead sea turtle.  The development plans of Wild Dunes and its impact on that area of the island in the 1970’s were important elements of my last novel, BEACH HOUSE MEMORIES.  Today, it’s a premier destination that is perfect for couples and families alike.  And I know that plenty of locals even vacation here.    You have a chance to WIN a getaway for two to Wild Dunes and experience a real-life Lowcountry weekend.  Click here to enter the sweepstakes on my Facebook page

While you’re staying on the Isle of Palms, you have to make sure to enjoy breakfast at the Sea Biscuit Café.  It’s worth the wait!  And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the kite man on Front Beach, as we call it.  It’s the area by the Windjammer and Coconut Joe’s restaurant.  I don’t know the guy’s real man but you can’t miss him.  He maneuvers a long row of brightly colored kites towing even longer tails, with such ease and grace.  His kite-flying moves are mesmerizing and fun to witness. 

And while you're on the beach, look for the orange signs that mark the sea turtle nests.  We're having a great start to the season.  But please don't use flashlights on the beach. Remember, lights out for turtles!  AND while standing along the shore, look out at the sea and scan the water for the tell-tale dorsal fins of the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins!

It will be awhile before I can enjoy some of my favorite local spots now that I’m on the road for the new book.  I guess you could say I’m kind of bringing a little bit of the beach to everyone who reads THE SUMMER GIRLS.  I've got approximately 30 special appearances (all listed on my website), so if I’m near your city or town, please come see me and we’ll celebrate the summer season together! 

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  1. Congratulations and enjoy the book tour! Loved the book! There are layers to the book which make this story more than a ‘chic lit’ beach read for this summer. The different levels of family interaction and responses during tragedy and in times of joy are heartfelt. The storyline also addresses the possible consequences of our actions due to our intrigue with the dolphins. I LOVE my memories of vacations years ago to SC. Wish I could go back again at my current age and make new memories.


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