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I not only write about the Lowcountry, I’m a long-time resident. So when you vacation here, you’re enjoying the same picturesque views, breathing the same intoxicating air, and living in the same natural landscape with creatures that inspire my novels, including my newest bestseller, THE SUMMER GIRLS.  

Thank you to Traveler of Charleston for inviting me to be a guest blogger today.  Whether you're local or from off, the free quarterly publication is a great resource before planning your next adventure.  Heading to Isle of Palms or Sullivan's Island soon?  Check out my personal recommendations here: Lowcountry Author Shares Her Charleston Beach Vacation Tips.


  1. Dear Ms. Monroe, I reopened Sweetgrass for a 2nd reading a few nights back and was thoroughly enjoying this book. I couldn't remember it from the 1st time and it was such a good way to end my evening. However, toward the end right around the time when Morgan is facing Adele about the sale of Sweetgrass, the bottom dropped out when God's name was used as a cuss word and my disappointment led to shutting the book and not finishing. Boy, the book certainly didn't need that as I could certainly tell that Morgan was more than mad that Adele had the signatures and what not to sell this property. I don't understand and propably never will why authors or producers of film feel it makes the book or movie "better" when the Lord is blaspheimed so horribly. I am certainly dismayed that you've chosen this avenue to "color" your books. They don't need it, considering what I had read so far in Sweetgrass. Perhaps you can respond and let me know if you have written anything that doesn't use that particular language, as I could get past the few other times in the book that minor four letter words were used. I love southern based books such as yours and was excited to re-read Sweetgrass, but lost interest as stated above. Thank you, concerned reader.

  2. Charleston, SC is probably so easy to write about. Unlike a lot of America Charleston SC has a charm unto itself that most cities and towns in America just don't have. With the history, architecture, and laid back southern lifestyle one has to find it pretty therapeutic.


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