Thank you to Traveler of Charleston for letting me be a contributing blogger this month.  This visitor magazine is a valuable resource when planning your next getaway to Charleston or just a day trip.  
My blog post is about the magnificent bottlenose dolphin.  Even though the summer season has officially ended, we can enjoy the sights of these intelligent creatures year-round, here in the Lowcountry.  Read on...

Picture yourself at the beach.  Toes in the sand, book in one hand, a beverage in the other.  Your eyes gaze upon the Atlantic horizon lazily watching the rolling waves when suddenly a dorsal fin briefly arching above the water catches your attention.  You set your gaze on where you think it will pop up next.  It does.  the sight makes you sit up straighter and fills you with a child-like spirit of excitement. Spotting a wild dolphin feels like a gift.  Click here to read full article.

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