Adventure Awaits Just Beyond Charleston

Tourist season is full-throttle here in Charleston, South Carolina.  When friends or family come to visit, the familiar what to do, where to eat questions arise. Isn't it what we all want to know when we're visiting somewhere?

I recently had the opportunity to contribute to Traveler of Charleston Magazine's blog.  Instead of highlighting the usual hot spots in the Charleston area, I focused on a gem located not far from city limits. Said to be the birthplace of sweet tea, the charming, historic town of Summerville is special to my Lowcountry Summer Trilogy and my new novel THE SUMMER WIND.  

Click here to read my guest post highlighting why it's a perfect day-trip adventure for anyone visiting the Holy City.  Thank you, Traveler of Charleston!  And make sure to sign up for a free subscription to the visitor magazine.  What are your favorite gems outside of the city of Charleston?

Summerville: Adventure Awaits Just Beyond Charleston

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