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THANK YOU… To my fans, who lined the block outside of the South Carolina Aquarium, Monday night in Charleston, SC for the official book launch party of THE SUMMER’S END.

Nearly 300 came to the book launch party!

THANK YOU... To my team and the aquarium staff who organized this huge party.

Thanking the crowd and sharing exciting news!

THANK YOU... to my publisher, Gallery Books, for continuing to give me the opportunity to share my stories with readers around the world.

My amazing editor, Lauren McKenna flew in to town.

THANK YOU... to my family for always believing in me and uplifting me.

Signing books 

And  THANK YOU... for being a reader, buying my books, and telling your friends about my novels.  Without you, I would not be celebrating this book release, one that marks twenty years for me as a published author.  I’m incredibly grateful for this milestone.  

Nearly 300 friends and fans came to the Aquarium to celebrate THE SUMMER'S END book launch with me.  People from near and far.  Some drove from Charlotte and Highland, North Carolina.  Others drove in early from North Myrtle Beach, and a handful flew into town from Ohio.  And my dear sweet daughter Gretta, endured delayed flights and layovers from Los Angeles to Charleston, just to be with me.  

Gretta made it! I'm one very happy mama.

Thank you all for making this book release extra special.  You made me feel like a beautiful queen. It's a night I will never forget!

With THE SUMMER’S END now out on store shelves, I’m on the road for book tour.  I do hope you’ll join me at an event near you.  We’ll talk, we’ll laugh and we’ll celebrate together our love for great books! 

Click here for book tour schedule.    Click here to order your copy today.

Watch this short video for a little back story about THE SUMMER’S END:

When you finish the final page of THE SUMMER’S END, take heart.  All is not entirely over.  My publisher has asked me to continue the story of Mamaw, and her three granddaughters—Eudora, Carson, and Harper.  And this time, someone’s getting married!  Look for the new book, LOWCOUNTRY WEDDING (working title) next summer.  

For now though, I hope you thoroughly enjoy this next installment of the Lowcountry Summer Series.  


  1. Thank You Mary Alice. It was wonderful to see you and to meet your beautiful daughter Greata. It was a great celebration and the Aquarium is such a fantastic venue. Thank You for sharing your stories and sweet spirit with your readers. I am very excited about "The Beach House" movie and will be anxiously waiting "A Lowcountry Wedding". 2015 is turning out to be a very big year for you. Enjoy each moment. BIG HUGS - Anna Lee

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  3. We hired this event planner after picking a venue, caterer, etc. and she seamlessly took over and managed all of the details for us. She made our event so special not only for us, but also for each of our guests. Hire her and you're party will be perfect!

  4. Just finished reading "Summer's End" I had to reread the previous 2 before I started. I really enjoyed reading all of them consecutively. One thing about "Summer's End" bothered me. Evidently your copy editor missed grammatical errors. In two different places there were subject pronouns used as the objects of prepositional phrases. One was dialog of Mawmaw. She is a very gentile, well bred woman. I'm sure she would never have said, "...for you and I." Young people make that mistake regularly, but those of us who are over 60 are still a stickler for grammar.

  5. I, too, am over 60 and a stickler for grammar. I noticed the pronoun issue as well. Also, on page 191 there is a typo: "Carson plucked the hat off Dora's had." HOWEVER, I absolutely LOVE the summer trilogy, as I love all of your books. I am about half way through The Summer's End and I am so happy to just now discover the story line will continue with a new book next year!!! Now I won't be so sad when I finish reading this one.


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