It's thrilling for me to see the cover of one of my novels for the first time.  The charge never gets old. I think it's gorgeous, thanks to the talented team at Gallery Books.  To me, the dock symbolizes the lowcountry, and more, is important given the significance of the dock at Sea Breeze in the trilogy. 
That bride could even be Harper.  What do you think?

A book cover reveal makes the writing process come into sharper focus, especially when you're still crafting chapters!  Even though there is a lot left to do before next year's book release, the journey of writing A LOWCOUNTRY WEDDING is meaningful.  I'm excited to share it with you May 2016!

Thank you, wonderful readers, for making The Lowcountry Summer Series a bestselling success and for wanting to read more about the Muir sisters--Eudora, Carson and Harper--and their charming grandmother Mamaw, and of course Delphine.  All will be included as The Lowcountry Summer Series continues.  

Save the date my friends for May 3, 2016 because you're invited to enjoy A LOWCOUNTRY WEDDING.


  1. All of the covers of your books are always so pretty, they get me even more excited to read the books. This cover for A Lowcountry Wedding is absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to read it and be taken back to the Lowcountry again.

  2. Gena, I'm so glad you love the cover too!

  3. My daughter was married here and all our guests said that this is the most amazing wedding they've ever been too. I love the dark wood at Chicago wedding venues, the beamed ceilings, and the overall sort of great vibe of the building.


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