Thoughts on Writing: Getting Your Story Published

"Writing is easy; I just open a vein and bleed" -Red Smith
If only getting your story published were as easy as following a no-fail magic formula! It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, and a stroke of luck too.

I’ve been asked the question more times than I can count: “How can I get my book published?” While I can’t guarantee anything, I do have a few tips for aspiring writers that have proven true in both my career and the careers of my fellow writers.

I strongly believe that up-and-coming writers benefit from attending conferences where book agents will be on hand. The closest one in my area is the annual South Carolina Writers Workshop Conference, which is held every October in Myrtle Beach.

Every writer should have a well-crafted, compelling two-minute sales pitch ready to be shared with anyone who asks "What’s your book about?"  Imagine if a top agent asked you that very question at a conference. Quick…what would you say?

Equally as important as your verbal sales pitch is your written one-- the query letter. If you haven’t already done so, make sure to research how to write a proper query letter and synopsis of your book. An excellent resource is the Guide to Literary Agents, which is updated yearly.

My final tip is to join a critique group for writers. You can find them through local book stores, writers’ organizations, and online. Many now-published authors said they benefited tremendously from being a part of such a group. Just remember to join the right kind—one that offers instructive criticism. For more on that topic, I covered that very issue in one of my blogs in November.

I wish you great success and fulfillment as you pursue your passion for storytelling. Remember, too, that you are a writer whether you get published or not. Good luck.

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