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I just took a small break from writing to finalize my Thanksgiving holiday plans.  With my children grown and gone, Markus and I won’t be planning a big family feast this year.  I have to admit, I love cooking the big turkey and the oohs and ahhs of that Norman Rockwell moment.  This year we are heading north to my oldest daughter’s home in Winnetka, Illinois. It’s a passing of the torch and it’s her turn to present the turkey to her growing family. 

Did you catch my subtle announcement there? I’m going to be a grandmother again!  Baby number three will arrive early 2012 and the opportunity to welcome another beautiful baby into our family fills me with a joy unlike any other.  That moment never gets jaded does it?  Knowing that I will be “Mambo” to yet another precious child certainly tops my list of “Things to be Grateful For” this year.

I write a “Grateful For” list at this time of the year because it helps me focus on the blessings in life, rather than the travails. As always, topping my list is my family.  Of course, most mothers would say that, but this year I’m especially grateful for seeing each of my three children following their individual passion.  I’ve always told my children that if they followed their passion they’d never work a day in their life. It wouldn’t matter how much money they earned, because money would not be the source of their satisfaction.  My son Zack is fulfilling his desire to serve in the military as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. I’m so proud of my marine!  My daughter Gretta is living in California doing her own form of storytelling as an entrepreneur through the medium of kiteboarding, art and television.  My eldest, Claire, has retired from a career in advertising to work full time as an amazing wife and mother of soon-to-be three children.  Her sons, Jack and Teddy, have stolen my heart.  And how lucky am I to have a son in law I truly admire and love as my own “son?”  What a joy it’s been to watch my children grow and find their place in this world.  Also at the top of my Thanksgiving List is my husband and best friend, Markus.  He is a child psychiatrist and my go-to person for characterizations for my novels – and just about everything else, too.  I’m truly blessed to have him in my life.

I’m also extremely grateful for my career as an author.  I’ve followed my passion all these years and don’t take for granted how fortunate I am.  I’ve written since I was a little girl and have been published for twenty five years, yet I never fail to find inspiration.  I am thankful I can write stories that bring an awareness of our connection to the natural world, now especially as our resources grow increasingly depleted and endangered.  As I look to the New Year, I am delighted to share my new novel, BEACH HOUSE MEMORIES, the prequel to The Beach House, with my readers.  The release date is May 2012 and coincides with the tenth anniversary of my release of The Beach House!  Can you believe it’s been so long?  There will be a special release of The Beach House in April to mark the event.  I hope I’ll meet many of my readers as I travel on book tour.  I cherish my career and sharing my passion with all of you. You round out my list of “Things to be Grateful For!” 

I wish you and your family a most memorable Thanksgiving celebration—full of gratitude, love and joy.  

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