A Perfect Booklover's Present

Jan. 14: 'Tea by the Sea'
Having trouble finding the perfect gift for your favorite book lover, or book club member? I love the feeling I get when I find something that seems utterly perfect for the person in mind. Sometimes though, the search for that perfect present is frustrating.

I have a suggestion! It’s the gift that I’m giving to my fellow book club members. It’s personal, memorable and unique. You can’t buy it at just any store. And it’s been right under my nose, so to speak, for months!

“Tea by the Sea!”

For several years now I’ve had the pleasure of moderating the annual authors’ event at Wild Dunes Resort on the Isle of Palms featuring a panel of highly-acclaimed writers. This year, I’m delighted that my friends Dorothea Benton Frank, Nathalie Dupree and Taylor Polites will be joining me for this All Things Southern ticketed public event on January 14th. Expect lots of witty banter among the group about our writing and lives, plus interaction from the audience. It’s sure to be a delightfully memorable event. And it will make a wonderful Southern Lit gift for your book loving friend.

This year, we’re changing things up a bit to keep it fresh. Instead of a luncheon, we’re having a formal tea—and Wild Dunes does an incredible job with pastries! It allows us to have a lower price point, too—only $30, or $250 for a table of ten. After the tea, there will be a book signing, and best of all, proceeds from the event benefit local literacy efforts, so you can feel good about that too. (And tickets are tax deductible.)

So this year, give the gift that keeps on giving. Isn’t a book event ticket—and if you’re feeling generous, a ticket and a book--the perfect gift for friends who love all things southern, or relatives who always have a book in hand, or your book club members?

For more information about the event and ticket prices, call (843) 886-2020 or clubline@wilddunes.com.

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